Screenshot 20210419 180404 - WATCH: Simi's Friend Gets Slapped For Trying To Ruin The Singer's Birthday Surprise

Simi and friends acting

Today is Simi’s birthday and one of the singer’s friend got slapped by another while trying to ruin a surprise.

Like Simi said, if you don’t like her, you’re bad vibes because the little slap session was a recreation of a similar video which trended weeks back.

In the video, a friend had walked into a surprise planned for the celebrant, rather than wait for the celebrant to walk in, she started singing a birthday song – to which someone else slapped her.

In anger, the surprise ruiner walked to the person that slapped her, removed her wig and asked why she was slapped.

This exact scenario was re-acted by Simi and her friends and it did come out well. Watch below;