img 1618928203833 1 - VIDEOS: Lady Holds Lavish Party With Friends To Celebrate Her Divorce

Lady celebrating divorce

A social media user, Ikea Bello was so happy to have gotten a divorce that she held a party with her friends to celebrate.

The lady and her friends all dressed up ‘to kill’ and they celebrated together. A cake spotting ‘I DO, I DID, I’M DONE’ was used for the celebration.

To show how happy she was, the lady who is reportedly a medical practitioner shared lots of pictures and videos from the event.

Captioning the media shared on Instagram, the lady captioned, “About last weekend 💜❤️ My divorce/ freedom party was lit. My 1st look for the day💜❤️ With my crew” on the video and “About last weekend. My divorce/ freedom party decorations” on a host of others.

See video of she and her friends celebrating;

See more pictures from the event.

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